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Photo Focus: Keb’ Mo’ at the Levoy:: Welcome to My Living Room

Photography by Louise Uznanski and Richard Uznanski for Ontapblog.

@2014 Ontapblog All Rights Reserved


It was the front row’s fault. Keb’ Mo’, the bluesman, appearing in Millville, New Jersey’s Levoy Theater, asked the audience for song requests during his Sunday night show. The request for ‘Color Me Father’ came from a woman in the front row. As Keb’ looked at her and then looked at her again, he quipped, “Now you’re gonna make me have to remember the lyrics.” The song is a cover of The Winston’s song and was part of an agent-mandated children’s album Keb’ made several years ago. ‘But,” he said, “I was glad I made that album because it made me think about these things I needed to think about.” And so, like so many other requested songs Keb’ did last night, he sat right down and sang it.

And the requests kept flying up to the stage. ‘Angelina’, ‘She Just Wants to Dance’, ‘Shave Yo Legs’, ‘Dangerous Mood’ and a new song from the April 22nd new release BluesAmericana titled ‘I Like the Old Me Better’, made the night of story telling more like an evening in your living room where Keb’ Mo’, his drummer Casey Wasner and cellist/bassist Tom Shinness just happened to come by with all of their instruments and songs in their heads.

A last request, blamed on the front row, was for Keb’ to bring out that banjo sitting on the guitar rack but never brought out during the night. Keb’ hoped no one would notice it was there. He regretted bringing it out but he played it willingly and beautifully. Keb’ said “I play the banjo all of the time at home. It’s a happy instrument and it makes me happy when I play it.” So, Keb’ and his two piece band filled everyone’s requests making it seem like the band dropped by your living room and played anything you wanted them to. Although the front row gets all the blame, the balcony claimed a request or two. An evening with Keb’ Mo’ made it a friendly rivalry and it did help to make the music last for two-and-a-half hours. It was nice to put your feet up and enjoy.

For more about Keb’s new CD and tour dates, click here:


Keb' Mo' at Millville, NJ's Levoy Theater

Keb’ Mo’ at Millville, NJ’s Levoy Theater

Tom Shinness, Keb' Mo' and Casey Wasner

Tom Shinness, Keb’ Mo’ and Casey Wasner

Tom Shinness, cello/bass

Tom Shinness, cello/bass






Keb' Mo' at Millville, NJ's Levoy Theater

Keb’ Mo’ at Millville, NJ’s Levoy Theater


Keb’ Mo’ on Tour: Behind the Scenes with Musician Michael B. Hicks

by Holley Dey, audiovisual media courtesy of Michael B. Hicks

Newly arrived in Singapore, the band headed straight from the airport for the familiar Golden Arches and a welcome taste of home.   Half a world and half a day away, it can be a challenge to stay connected to everyday places and to the people that matter.  As tour dates have stretched across time and continents, the newest and youngest member of the Keb’ Mo’ band has placed a premium on learning how to maintain relationships complicated by distance.  It hasn’t been easy.  When the band opened for Earth Wind & Fire in New Zealand, Michael was so excited that he picked up the phone to share the joy with his father, only to remember that the senior Mr. Hicks was fast asleep in a different place, and on a different day. Read more

Keb’ Mo’ on Tour: Playin’ It Twice Is Oh So Nice

Review by Holley Dey; Photography by Louise Uznanski and Richard Uznanski

“Whoa, you gotta hold something back!”  The audience had been told to offer thirty seconds of polite applause, followed by thirty seconds of moderate enthusiasm, and then to let it loose during the final thirty.  Instead they were on their feet early, whistling and hollering; there was no dampening this crowd’s enthusiasm. Read more