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Taylor Hicks: Singin’ Those New Orleans Blues

Photography by Louise Uznanski; Video by Margaret Reilly         ©2013 OnTapBlog All rights reserved

nawlins taylor 1-

After Friday night’s show at Harrah’s, some of the audience found their way to the gambling floor, others looked to the restaurants and nightlife of Bourbon Street to round out the night. Headliner Taylor Hicks found another stage, joining Anders Osborne to “Rock My Nola Soul” at the latter’s 2nd Annual Holiday Spectacular at Tipitina’s. “Who dat?” he called to the crowd, and they responded in kind, “Who dat?!” during a loose, joyful rendition of “Willie Brown Blues” (see video below).

The late night party only served to energize Hicks who returned to the Theatre at Harrah’s New Orleans on Saturday night for the last of three weekend shows. Highlights of the evening included Taylor’s comfortable banter with the audience, his harmonica/organ play, and a riveting performance of Randy Newman’s “Louisiana 1927”. Man’s got those southern blues; he surely does.

nawlins taylor 2-

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  1. Great photos and what a wonderful video!!

    December 9, 2013
    • ontapblog #

      Thanks, Tish. So great to see you and Dean at the show Saturday. We got a great show. The video IS a wonderful gift. So glad to be able to see Taylor in another setting.

      December 10, 2013
  2. Jenni Jac #

    Love that top photo! Thanks for the pictures reports and video. Sorry we couldn’t make it.

    December 9, 2013
  3. ontapblog #

    Thank you, Jenni. That shirt was the best of the 3 shows. No matter what is said, I love how that shirt looks while Taylor is performing in it and it’s got a lot of interesting colors for photography. I hope the success he had in New Orleans at Harrah’s will be what brings him back there. The theater is fantastic and the lights are amazing. Double win! Thanks again.

    December 10, 2013
  4. Laurie #

    This is the Taylor I miss the most. Great captures…..great pictures!

    December 10, 2013
    • ontapblog #

      Thanks Laurie! Saturday night he was more like what you see in Margaret’s video. He was wild and crazy! Look for our blog about the 3 days coming up soon. Thanks again!

      December 10, 2013

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