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Gavin DeGraw, Phillip Phillips and More Stage Online Shows to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims

by Holley Dey

Several well known musicians will go live on the internet this week to connect with their fans, hoping to create enough virtual electricity to turn on the lights for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  From their living room, kitchen or a special spot in town, they’ll livestream an intimate show that offers music…and more.  Via an online chat feature, fans will have the opportunity to converse with each other, comment on the performance, ask questions or even make song requests.

The web host “Stageit” was founded by one musician for other musicians.  Artists book shows, set their own ticket prices and decide how many online tickets will be made available.  There is no upfront cost to the performer; the web host receives a portion of each ticket sale.  The musician set-up requires only a computer and a webcam, and the thirty minute shows can be profitable.  Country star Jake Owen booked a same day show on a whim, used social media to invite his fans to attend, and donated the $1000.00 he made from his kitchen that night to charity.

In the digital age, web based shows are a convenient way for musicians to reach more fans, more often and without traveling.  The shows offer fans a unique  experience , and one that cannot be duplicated or repeated.  The Stageit shows are neither recorded nor archived.  Only the attendees know what memories and mischief were made.  There is always the possibility that a tantalizing tidbit of news or brand new song will be shared.

The shows also allow fans and artists to connect across great distances, and to come together to support a common cause.  This week several Stageit performers will support recovery efforts in the mid Atlantic and northeastern United States where hurricane Sandy left widespread devastation in her wake.  Recovery from an estimated $50 billion in property damage has an uncertain timeline.  Two full weeks following the storm, there are families who remain without electric power.  Homes have been destroyed.  Some lives have been lost; many more lives have been abruptly changed.

Tickets are now on sale for the following shows and are offered on a “pay what you can” basis.  To purchase a ticket, click on the applicable link, then on “Buy Ticket” and follow the site instructions.  You will be prompted to purchase “notes”. Five dollars buys 50 notes.  Notes are the currency used to purchase tickets, and can be used to tip the artist during the show, should you care to do so.

Each of the artists below plans to donate this week’s show profits to the American Red Cross and other charitable organizations.  See a show!  What a wonderful opportunity this is to enjoy good music, good company and to make a difference at the same time.

Artist Show Date Show Time Show/ticket
Gavin DeGraw November 15 5:30 pm ET
Phillip Phillips November 15 6:00 pm ET
Teddy Geiger November 15 7:00 pm ET
Toby Lightman November 18 8:00 pm ET

Of his most recent album Sweeter, Gavin DeGraw says “This is the funkiest, sultriest record I’ve ever made.” The blue-eyed soul singer will send the top five tippers who attend Thursday’s Stageit show autographed copies of his new LIVE CD and DVD, Sweeter Live, set for release on December 4.

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips will broadcast live from PS22 on hard hit Staten Island where he’ll perform with the PS22 chorus!  Phillip is also offering incentives to fans who attend his show.  The top tipper will receive a mini guitar courtesy of Taylor Guitars and Phillip.  The top 3 tippers will receive signed copies of Phillip’s new album The World from the Side of the Moon.  The top 10 tippers earn a twitter shout out from Phillip!

New York based singer-songwriter and actor Teddy Geiger is set to follow his well received and award winning debut album Underage Thinking with a new release, now in preparation.  Geiger appeared in the 2008 film The Rocker with Rainn Wilson (The Office).

Pop and soul singer Toby Lightman will offer an acoustic show from home on Sunday evening.  Lightman will soon follow the well received Bird on a Wire (2006) and acoustic album Know Where I’m From (2010) with a brand new release.

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