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The Match Game 2012: No, boobs is not the right answer

challenge presented by Richard Uznanski, Louise Uznanski, Holley Dey

The original “Match Game” debuted on television in 1962 and required celebrities and contestants to provide answers to simple, “fill in the blank” questions.  When two or more members of the same team gave identical answers, there was a match and points awarded.  Questions might have included “Name a kind of muffin” or “John loved his ___”.  The questions and the answers were bland, and in 1963 the production team was told that the Match Game would be canceled at season’s end.  As that end approached, the writers grew bolder and suddenly the questions became funnier and considerably more risque.  “James always put butter on his___”  As a result, ratings skyrocketed and the show was renewed.  In one form or another, and with only a short interruption, the Match Game ran on television until 1982.  Gene Rayburn was the best known host; famous celebrity contestants included Betty White and Charles Nelson Reilly, among others.

Take a gander at the 1974 version of the show, if you dare.


Our version isn’t quite as funny, but we’re nicer.  Yes, yes we are.  We’ll give you all the answers to our matching game.  Makes it a simple task, really…..

Here is the challenge:  Look carefully at the numbered photographs in the collage.  Then consider the list of musician names (in bold print) that follows.  Can you match the names to the photographs?  Not all of the choices on the list will be used; it’s possible that some names could be used more than once.  All of the musicians have been featured artists at On Tap.

When ready, enter your answers in the comments section below. List the number of the photograph and then the name of the musician who matches that photo. For example: 1. Johnny Cash 2. B.B. King….

Can’t figure out some of the matches?  You’re not alone!  Guess.  There is no penalty for guessing.  The contestant with the most correct answers wins the grand prize.  In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker will be the official time stamp of the comment submission.  So don’t delay!

Here is the prize:

One Grand Prize Winner – One 8 x 10 Color Glossy Photograph of the artist of your choice (to be selected from among those featured in the matching game) AND the most recent albums from Jamie McLean Band, Live at Gibson, and Adam Ezra Group, Ragtop Angel. (Thank you to the Jamie McLean Band and Adam Ezra Group for their generous support!)

This is Part 2 of a two-part contest.  Contest entries for Part 2 must be submitted by Sunday, July 1 at 11 pm EST.  The answers for Part 2 will be posted Monday morning, July 2. The Part 2 grand prize winner will be posted on the blog, so check back on Monday to see if you’re a winner!  Note that the Part 1 prize winner is welcome and encouraged to play, but not eligible to win the prize during Part 2 of the contest.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!  And oh, by the way, Canada’s The Comedy Network has ordered 60 new episodes of “The Match Game”.  The show is currently shooting in Montreal, and is scheduled to debut in the fall!  (Boobs might be the right answer.)


And now the answers!!

1.  Cat Popper

2.  Big Sam Williams

3.  Robert Randolph

4.  Adam Ezra

5.  Ellis Paul

6.  Taylor Hicks

7.  Javier Colon

8.  Josh Smith

9.  Jeff Lopez

10. Grace Potter

11. Ben Mars

12. Brandon Peeples

Congratulations to Match Game, Part 2 winner: macnh!!!  Thanks for playing!


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  1. Linda T #

    I played again but this time I kept my answers to myself…I’ll see how close I am when the winner is announced. I want everyone else to jump in because this is such a great game! I love it — come on everyone, ya got nothin’ to lose! 🙂

    June 29, 2012
    • ontapblog #

      We are so glad you enjoyed playing and a big congratulations to you!! Like you said, ‘ya got nothin’ to lose!’

      June 29, 2012
  2. 1. Cat Popper 2. Trombone Shorty 3. Robert Randolph 4. Adam Ezra 5. Ellis Paul 6. Taylor Hicks 7. Javier Colon 8.Josh Smith 9.Jeff Lopez 10. Grace Potter 11. Ben Mars 12. Brandon Peeples.

    July 1, 2012
  3. Victoria Jordan #

    1. Cat Popper 2. Trombone Shorty 3. Robert Randolph 4. Adam Ezera 5. Ellis Paul 6. Taylor Hicks 7. Javier Colon 8. Josh Smith 9. Jeff Lopez `0. Grace Potter 11. Ben Mars 12. Brandon Peeples

    July 1, 2012

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