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The Match Game 2012: No, boobs is not the right answer

challenge presented by Richard Uznanski, Louise Uznanski, Holley Dey

The original “Match Game” debuted on television in 1962 and required celebrities and contestants to provide answers to simple, “fill in the blank” questions.  When two or more members of the same team gave identical answers, there was a match and points awarded.  Questions might have included “Name a kind of muffin” or “John loved his ___”.  The questions and the answers were bland, and in 1963 the production team was told that the Match Game would be canceled at season’s end.  As that end approached, the writers grew bolder and suddenly the questions became funnier and considerably more risque.  “James always put butter on his___”   Read more

Musicians all look alike: A game of match and mismatch

challenge presented by Richard Uznanski, Louise Uznanski, Holley Dey

Got game?

We do!  It’s a matching game, and we’re going to give you all the answers.  Sounds simple, doesn’t  it?  Then again….. Read more

In Church with Robert Randolph at Infinity Hall

by Holley Dey

Robert Randolph confessed that the vaulted ceiling, wood backed seats and original proscenium stage reminded him of church.  Makes sense; that’s just where he took the Infinity Hall audience on Friday evening. Read more

The Appel Farm Music Festival: A Photo Gallery

Photos and recap by Holley Dey, Louise Uznanski and Richard Uznanski for OnTapBlog

On the grounds of the green and well-manicured lawns of Appel Farm Arts Center in Elmer, New Jersey, the Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival took place to the wonderment of a large, enthusiastic audience on a bright and sunny June 2nd.  Performances on The Meadow and The Grove stages kept the multitudes moving from stage to stage, enjoying a 10 hour festival of roots, folk and country rock music.  Interspersed amongst the Children’s Village and the Grove Stage was a crafter’s village comprised of hand crafts made by local artisans that are included in every Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival. Read more

Sneak Preview: “The Choice” Premieres on FOX June 7

by Holley Dey and Louise Uznanski

Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX
From left to right: Romeo, Jeremy Bloom, Jason Cook, DJ Pauly D

A cocktail waitress, a Ph.D. candidate and a volleyball coach are among the young women who compete on the Thursday, June 7 premiere of the FOX summer dating show, The Choice. Each hopes to convince one of four celebrity bachelors that she would be the evening’s perfect date. The catch? The all important preliminary round requires that the women use their voices alone to make their case; the men cannot see their potential partners. Read more

Toby Lightman: From NASCAR Love to New York SMASH

by Holley Dey, photography by Richard Uznanski

She was Talladega’s boogity boogity girl, the pretty blond who sang the 2008 “NASCAR Love” theme song with Darrell Waltrip at her side and racing fans at her feet.  Four years later, Toby Lightman is still cruising in the fast lane. Read more