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Jamie McLean Band Rocks Gramercy Theatre: Photos

from Richard Uznanski, Louise Uznanski, Holley Dey


Were you there?

The Jamie McLean Band rocked the room on Friday night at New York’s Gramercy Theatre.  The bandleader impressed on vocals and a searing guitar, Ben Mars grooved on bass and sweet vocal harmonies, and Brian Griffin ruled the beat, as special guest Jason Crosby let loose on the keys and fiddle.  It was a show that felt good going down, and all the way home.  Here’s a look at the sweat, the smiles, and the players that completely made our night. Read more

Review: Craig Bickhardt:: Live at Sellersville Theater

Part 1 of 2 on award winning singer/songwriter Craig Bickhardt

At last week’s conference, one of the panelists shared a story.  Early in his career he had been a radio DJ, responsible for choosing the songs that were played.  “Used to be, we’d get so many records sent to us, we’d just pick ’em by their covers. Eighty-five percent of the time we’d be right.” Read more

A Conversation & Concert with Jamie McLean: Gramercy Theatre on January 27

There was no fanfare when the Jamie McLean Band took the stage in Fairfield a few weeks ago.  Jamie had an unassuming, almost self-effacing manner.  He walked quietly to the microphone; a handwritten setlist was dropped to the floor, the guitar strapped in place, and then the show began. Read more

Please Don’t Play Electronica at My Funeral

Following two recent exchanges with my children, I have begun to contemplate my own mortality and musical legacy.  Please allow me to explain. Read more

Big Sam Wants YOU! in His Funky Nation

Review: Big Sam’s Funky Nation at StageOne  1/5/12, at Infinity Hall 1/8/12

Get your hands in the air, hands in the air!  Get em up, get em up!  Get your hands in the air!

He’s a drill sergeant, a dancer and Don Juan.  He’s the Pied Piper of funk, weaving his way through the audience, trombone pressed to his lips and a conga line of ladies in tow.  This is Big Sam Williams whose slide trombone and staccato vocals lead the Funky Nation through a set of beat driven, brass centered, danceable tunes that have everyone on their feet and moving.

Shake yo ass, shake yo ass. Tell your neighbor, “Shake yo ass!”

Sam is building an army of followers, and he wants you in the ranks.  He enters with trumpet man Andrew Baham, and the pair dance across the stage in sync.  The dance ranks high on enthusiasm and lower on grace, but produces the desired effect.  The audience is energized and ready to be drafted.  Within minutes, a roomful of weekday warriors are happily raising their hands and shaking their backsides on cue. Read more

New Year’s Eve with Ellis Paul, Neil Young and the Orthodontist

There was  no dawdling involved.  We opted for an early dinner at Capital Grille where the last available table sat window side and offered a full view of the whimsical dragons, pageantry and bright smiles of Boston’s First Night parade.  After dinner I did a furtive striptease in the parking garage, exchanging polyester for sequins while the motor idled, one eye on the rearview mirror and with a delicious sense of daring.  My date claimed to enjoy the pre-show. Read more