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Shea Rose Wins the Night at Boston Music Awards

In a building where secrets once lived behind locked doors, one truth was revealed last Sunday evening.  Her name is Shea Rose, and she is electric. Read more

Penguins and Cuttlefish

by Richard Uznanski

Penguins and Cuttlefish

Into the room often dim and dark,

Seldom beams of spectral bright. Read more

Adam Ezra Group Shines at ‘Ragtop Angel’ Album Release Show

by Holley Dey; photos by Louise Uznanski, Richard Uznanski, Holley Dey

Boston’s favorite roots-rock band, the Adam Ezra Group, celebrated the release of their new album Ragtop Angel last Friday evening at Brighton Music Hall.  The hometown concert was sold out in advance, and there was a buzz of eager anticipation as the band took the stage.  What followed was a good time performance that left everyone smiling, and many dancing, both on and off the stage. Read more

OnTap On Tour: Taylor Hicks & Other Musical Troubadours II

Part 2 of 2: Takin’ Off Today
by Louise Uznanski for OnTapBlog

Read more

OnTap on Tour: Taylor Hicks & Other Musical Troubadours

Part 1 of 2:  Places I’ve Been
All photos and videos by Louise Uznanski for OnTapBlog

Travel is accomplished by bus, plane, car and van or a combination of all of these transportation modes. There are tweets about delays in the air and on the road.  Facebook posts asking fans if they know how to fix a bumper hitch on their van.  A scheduler with a little bit of larceny in his veins schedules an artist in Vermont one night and Virginia the next.  But, still they move around the country to play their music and it is what they love to do no matter the travel. Read more