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The Triad: How Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, and the Beatles Changed Popular Music

by Jennifer W. Jacobs

Looking back now, what they accomplished seems impossible. After all, they were in the beginning, as it is described now, two “boy bands”, and one niche artist on the fringe of the music world. All barely out of their teens, and considered to be nothing more than passing fads in popular music. Yet, somehow they fed off each other’s musical ideas to form a synergy that would result in a seismic shift in popular music, and arguably, world culture itself. Seems highly unlikely doesn’t it? Well, this actually happened in the 1960s. The “boy bands” were The Beach Boys & The Beatles, and the fringe artist was Bob Dylan. Read more

To Blake Shelton: Be My Yellow Jacket

"Honey Bee" is the chart-topping lead single from Blake Shelton's new album. The melody is pleasant; the chorus has that repetitive, sing-song quality that makes for easy listening and quick recall. And yet I can't help but feel that the song and the singer are somewhat incongruous.

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Taylor Hicks on Tour: Westward Bound!

Make plans to see Taylor Hicks this summer and early fall as the tour heads west!  Event dates, locations, ticket links, and a few suggestions are offered below.. Read more

Carson James & Taylor Hicks: A Joyful Noise

An eager audience packed Birmingham's WorkPlay Theater to see the sixteen year old talent perform. It was an evening of music and soul, of pure and simple joy, and it was over too soon.

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Taylor Hicks Fans to Ride Shotgun with Ride 2 Recovery on September 11

When the group leaves New York area on September 11, fans of musician Taylor Hicks will be riding at the back of the pack. They'll ride in the pack, and on the back of cyclist Vann Schaffner throughout the 530 mile 9-11 American Challenge. Thankfully, the Soul Patrol is a light load to carry.

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