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American Idol Season 5 Trivia Game – Part 3

American Idol Season 5 Trivia – Remember your favorite Idols and catch up with current news from the talent.

Five new multiple choice questions will be posted each day from Sunday, June 26 through Wednesday, June 29.  Answers will be provided for the previous day’s questions at the same time each new question set is posted.  Come back to this post on Wednesday evening, June 29 for answers to the following questions.


Photo by John Wilcox/The Boston Herald

She was not only an American Idol contestant, but also a basketball star.  Following her elimination, this sixteen year old returned to school and basketball, competing as a Division 1 athlete at Boston College.

She continues to make music, and recently moved to Nashville where this year she will perform in the “Let Freedom Sing” concert on July 4.  Name this Season 5 American Idol contestant!  Is it:

a.  Melissa McGhee

b.  Ayla Brown

c.  Stevie Scott

d.  Becky O’Donohue


12.  Chris Daughtry was eliminated from American Idol with only 4 contestants remaining in the competition.  His ouster shocked most viewers; the rocker had been expected to face eventual winner Taylor Hicks in the season finale.  Had he continued in the competition, Chris would have had the opportunity to choose one of the three songs that he would perform in the semifinals.

What song had Chris Daughtry planned to sing in the Season’s semifinal round?

a.  “Good Times Gone” by Nickelback

b.  “All Over You” by Live

c.  “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5

d.  “Dream On” by Aerosmith



The top six finalists from American Idol Season 5 are pictured above.  Who finished in 7th position?  Was it:

a.  Lisa Tucker

b.  Bucky Covington

c.  Ace Young

d.  Mandisa


14.  She hosted the American Idol Finale viewing party in Birmingham, Alabama, May 2006.  She has since appeared in film and television, including “CSI:Miami” and “ER”.  She plays “Ashley” in Spike TV’s “Thunderballs” and is currently the voice for Breakstone’s sour cream.  Watch the video below, then NAME this top 24 American Idol Season 5 contestant.  Is it:


a.  Katharine McPhee

b.  Becky O’Donohue

c.  Melissa McGhee

d.  Ayla Brown


15.  “Singing from your soul isn’t about how many notes you can hit or how long you can hold them.  It’s all about intimacy and honesty.  It’s about sharing your story in a song – whether it happens to be a song you wrote or one you decided to make your own.”  Name the American Idol Season 5 star who penned these words:

a.  Mandisa

b.  Elliott Yamin

c.  Taylor Hicks

d.  Randy Jackson


Thanks for playing AI Season 5 Trivia!



11.   b 

12.   d

13.   c

14.   b

15.   c





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