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American Idol Season 5 Trivia Game – Part 1

American Idol Season 5 Trivia – Remember your favorite Idols and catch up with current news from the talent.

Five new multiple choice questions will be posted each day from Sunday, June 26 through Wednesday, June 29.  The answers to the previous day’s questions will be posted when the new question set is revealed!  Check back here on Monday evening, June 27 for answers to the questions below.


1.  American Idol Season 8 contestant Syesha Mercado stars in the upcoming independent film, “DREAMS”.  The movie tells the compelling stories of a dancer, rapper, ex-boxer, singer, and hustler who struggle to make their “dreams” come true.

NAME the season 5 American Idol who also makes a featured appearance in “DREAMS”, and who is shown on set with Syesha in the photograph below.  Is it:

a.  Brenna Gethers

b.  Jose Penala

c.  Lisa Tucker

d.  Kinnik Sky

Photograph by Luke Hartley


2.  American Idol Season 5 contestant Elliott Yamin feared for his health when an earthquake left him stranded in Santiago, Chile in March 2010.  A type 1 diabetic, Yamin’s supply of insulin ran low, but thankfully was restocked before depletion.

NAME another American Idol Season 5 contestant with type 1 diabetes who reported feeling “shaky” on stage during one of the season’s live, televised performances due to a sugar “low”:

a.  Kevin Covais

b.  Bobby Bennett

c.  Melissa McGhee

d.  Gedeon McKinney


3.  Nashville songwriter Kyle Jacobs married American Idol Season 5 contestant Kellie Pickler on New Year’s Day 2011 .  “Say I Do” was written for his bride, and the following video is illustrated with home footage from the wedding.


What phrase did Kellie have inscribed on the inside of her groom’s wedding band?

a.  Gotcha!

b.  I’m your woman

c.  Forever love 1/1/11

d.  Put it back on!


4.  At his American Idol Season 5 audition, this contestant enjoyed the support of Simon Cowell, but had some difficulty winning over Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.  Five years later, this top 20 contestant is still making music.  Listen to one of his new, original songs below and NAME the American Idol!

a.  Bobby Bennett

b.  Will Makar

c.  David Radford

d.  Patrick Hall


5.  Casey Weston, contestant on NBC’s ‘The Voice’, and American Idol Season 5 runner-up Katharine McPhee both performed well received versions of the same song during their respective television runs.  NAME the song!










.Casey Weston                                                                     Katharine McPhee


a.  I Believe I Can Fly

b.  Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

c.  Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)

d.  All in Love is Fair



Thanks for playing AI Season 5 Trivia, Part 1 !


1.  c   Lisa Tucker appears in “Dreams”.  Lisa also had a recurring television role in “Vampire Diaries” during spring 2011.

2.  a   Kevin Covais also has type 1 diabetes.  Kevin has developed a career in film following his Idol run, appearing in movies “College” and “Labor Pains”.

3.    The wedding ring is inscribed “Put it back on!”

4.  c   The original song is “The Weight of Your Heart” and the singer is David Radford; David continues to make music and is currently a voice teacher.

5.  b   The song is “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”; both women performed the song to standing ovations!



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  1. This quiz looks like a lot of fun. Good Luck to all who try to answer the questions. I recognize the names because they are from Season 5, but since I know very little about anything Idol, I would flunk this test. Cute idea

    June 26, 2011
  2. I was interested in only one contestant that year. I haven’t got a clue to the answers. Thanks for the guiz. Have the next one be all about Taylor.

    June 27, 2011

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