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Adam Ezra Group: Enjoying the Indie Ride


Photo courtesy of Louise Uznanski

Adam Ezra just hitched a trailer to the van.  It’s a new luxury, and another sign that the band is on the rise.  The Group moves both up and out this spring, traveling south of the Mason-Dixon line on their first headlining national tour.

This trip should be a much more comfortable ride.  For the first time the equipment will ride separately from the passengers.  Bassist Rob Soper will handle the logistics of packing the van and trailer, an assignment that Adam says requires the precision of a game of Tetris.  The percussionist will navigate the course; Turtle is the designated driver and only rarely shares that responsibility with other band members .  Adam will ride in the back of the fifteen passenger van where he’ll work on new songs and write blog/video entries while the wheels roll.  When the van finally grinds to a halt, the band will rest at a hotel booked by keyboardist Josh Gold.  He’s the Priceline guru, working his same day magic on a near daily basis.  The band hopes continental breakfast is part of the deal.

Like the van, the Adam Ezra Group has been picking up speed.  The first time the band played “The Half Door” on a Wednesday night, there weren’t many listening.  At their next club date, there were a few more, and now when the Group is booked, the Hartford club is packed and the crowd sings along.

The band is known for their enthusiastic and energetic live performances of original songs written by Adam Ezra.  The music is a soulful brand of rock that Adam says comes from a very personal place.  His songs often tell a

Photo of Adam Ezra by MacPolski

story, and the intent is to connect emotionally with the audience. Whether the story describes a love gone wrong, or carries a political message, the lyrics are meant to forge a personal connection with the listener.

That connection was important to the Group’s winning entry in “Pick the Band”, a national online contest that asked fans to vote for their favorite among several talented bands.  The prize was a development deal and three song recording with a major producer.   Simply titled “Part 1”, the Adam Ezra Group’s three song EP was recorded with multi-platinum producer Aaron Johnson (“The Fray”) and released in September 2010.  The Group has subsequently recorded a full length follow-up CD, also produced by Johnson, with an anticipated release in fall 2011.  If the first three songs are any indication, Ragtop Angel (working album title) should be taking off in a big way.

That’s not all.  It’s a busy time for Adam Ezra.  Projects in progress include an acoustic album and an original television theme song.  The acoustic songs have been pulled from a demo of 20-30 contenders; Adam is a prolific writer.  A few of the songs have already been recorded with producer Tim Leitner, and a novel release is under consideration.  Starting later this spring, a new acoustic song may be released every month until the complete album has been revealed.  The television theme song is intended for a series that is still in the early planning stages.  As production is not a certainty, Adam couldn’t reveal more except to say that the song is quirky – his “Tom Waits” song.

Given all of the Group’s recent and anticipated successes, Adam could be forgiven for dreaming big, but this singer/songwriter keeps it all in perspective.  Asked where he sees himself five years from now, Adam answered, laughing “in a bigger van?”  He went on to say that “A lot of musicians spend their lives envisioning where they want to be, but it’s important for me to enjoy the ride and the magical moments that happen every day.”

Photo of Adam Ezra Group by Louise Uznanski


This is Part 1 of a 2 part series.  Look for Part 2: “Adam Ezra Group: The Social Connection”, coming soon.


For more on Adam Ezra Group, including music and tour dates:

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  1. Louise #

    Thanks for this interesting view of an independent artist. I like how Adam has chosen to pursue his dream. He writes, he sings, he’s funny and is fully invested in the community and the world. His music is beautiful and I’m finding out it’s a little addictive!
    Thanks again. Great talent and a great band.

    March 30, 2011
    • Adam’s songs are melodic and the lyrics are so intelligent. How many artists find a way to fit words/phrases like “coup d’etat” into the storyline? He tried to convince me he was an underachieving student. Uh no, Adam.

      March 30, 2011
  2. MacPolski #

    “… enjoy the ride and the magical moments that happen every day.” What a great philosophy! Kudos to THN for a superb write-up in giving readers/listeners some insight into the Adam Ezra and the Group. I’ve had the album “A View from the Root” for about a year and but it hasn’t been so addictive until after my first live exposure to AEG. A refreshing blend of lyrics, melodies, and musicianship.
    Looking forward to my next AEG exposure.

    March 30, 2011
    • I’m looking forward to your next AEG exposures, too, MacPolski. You wield a mighty fine camera with a light touch.

      March 30, 2011

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