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Taylor Hicks Concert Video: Guilty Musings

Video kindly shared by Bonnie Cheung; she’s innocent.

I didn’t hold the camera or press “record”.  I did encourage the videographer, and I did enjoy and share the recording.  Guilty, I am guilty of conspiracy – conspiracy to tape American Idol season 5 winner Taylor Hicks in concert.

Oh, I understand the implications here.  Didn’t rob the bank, but planned the heist and booked the getaway car.  Plotted the attack, but didn’t pull the trigger.  Guilty, perhaps more guilty than if I had been holding the camera.  So pass the prison pants, Martha Stewart, just take them in at the waist.

Now there is a reasonable basis for recording Taylor in concert.  Mr. Hicks has been generous to his fans; the following policy was posted on his official Facebook page in late March 2009:

In an effort to promote fan interaction, Taylor Hicks will now allow audience members to record most live solo shows and permits non-profit trading of the recordings.
The written policy did not differentiate between audio and video recording.  Since that message was posted, hundreds of both audio and video recordings have been captured and shared by fans.  Officially, I believe that my actions can therefore be classified as “fan interaction”.  It’s hardly my fault if I’m good at interacting. 
My concern comes not from the finished product; I firmly believe that the recordings help to solidify the fan community, and to recruit others to the artist’s fanbase.  My lingering concern is the potential impact that live recording may have on the concert experience, not only for the fans in attendance but for the artist. 
I’d like to address that topic in a future post.  For now, my guilty conscience has been soothed by the sure knowledge that you will enjoy the following video, captured at Mr. Hicks’ Vinyl Music Hall show, February 2011.  It is a great pleasure to interact with you. 
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  1. It’s called rationalization, but I love watching the videos so I am as guilty as the videographer and the writer of this piece. I guess the SP are enablers and should be “punished”?? There have been a few times when Taylor specifically said NOT to video and under those circumstances a different policy might be considered by us eager SP. Generally speaking ; however, let the cameras roll !!!

    March 27, 2011
  2. Taylor has been nice enough to let his fans document such a great time we all have…record away!!Junebug

    March 27, 2011

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