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PopEater Columnist Rob Shuter Predicts 2011 Super Bowl Champ!

It promises to be a tight game.  Two defensive powers come face to face when the Green Bay Packers meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.  Both franchises have been to the big game before; both have hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy.

This year the Steelers bring experience to the game.  Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has twice led his team to Super Bowl wins.  The Packers bring grit and determination.  Green Bay has rallied behind quarterback Aaron Rodgers with impressive playoff victories.

At press time the oddsmakers have the spread at 2 1/2 points.  It’s a game that’s just too close to call.  So, who better to consult than a man who is used to handling pressure situations, and who is unafraid to make the tough calls. 

He’s worked with Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton.  Picking the Super Bowl champ should be a snap for PopEater’s Rob Shuter.  We asked the popular columnist to share his game day plans and prediction.

2011 Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Who will win and why?

Pittsburgh Steelers because I like that the name of the city is in the name. Makes it easy to remember where they are from. Plus I like Pittsburgh. One river meets another river and forms a massive river!

Favorite Super Bowl and/or football memory?

I’m from the UK so it’s still very new to me. I like when fans paint their faces and stand outside shirtless in the freezing cold. I liked when Whitney sang the national anthem. That girl can really sing.

Where and with whom will you watch the game?

None of my friends will watch with me cause I ask too many questions about what is going on. Rules of the game confuse me so I’ll probably be alone on the sofa texting and tweeting stupid questions. I once watched an entire game and didn’t realize a team had won. I like cricket. 

Favorite Super Bowl snack food and libation?

Don’t need to be watching a game to enjoy beer and chips!

Late breaking news: Looks like Rob will have to move the sofa to Cowboys Stadium.  A  recent tweet confirms that the gossip columnist will be reporting from the game on Sunday:

I’m going to Super Bowl with HDNet and Direct TV!!! Will bring you the best buzz…what teams are playing again?




Be sure to catch Rob’s AOL PopEater column for the latest “Naughty but Nice” celebrity news here:

Rob has the hottest dish of the day on AOL video; his latest webisode:

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  1. Jenni Jac #

    Haha! Rob I can relate. I am now looking forward to your Super Bowl coverage most of all. Cheers 🙂

    February 3, 2011
  2. THN, you are TOO funny. You must be the only interviewer to ask Rob about the super bowl. And yeah, he sounds like me. I grew up in the US and understand about as much about football as Rob does.

    February 3, 2011
  3. Here is a 2007 article that you may enjoy: “A victory speech (and picks) from the Sports Gal”.

    Written by the wife of ESPN writer Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy) it explains the rationale behind her football season picks. She doesn’t know and doesn’t watch football, yet still bested her husband in a season long competition that matched the spouses against each other during the NFL season. Hysterical, and it just goes to show you that knowledge of the game doesn’t necessarily help.

    I’m sticking with Rob’s pick.

    February 3, 2011
  4. marymagdalene #

    Hey, Rob!
    Just wanted you to know that the Green Bay Packers play in GREEN BAY, Wisconsin, so your reasoning is sort of wonky… ;-D

    Go Pack, Go!!!

    February 4, 2011
  5. Well, I love football and love Rob’s humor. I always watch the game. It’s a party. Would love to be at a Super Bowl party with Rob S. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    Thanks for the good laughs, THN. Go Stillers!!!!

    February 4, 2011

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