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Taylor Hicks on Tour: First Impressions

Only two shows into the Taylor Hicks summer national concert tour, fans share their first impressions of the experience:

“What struck me about the show at the Highline Ballroom was how loose Taylor seemed.  You could tell how happy he was to be on stage in front of an audience, in front of his fans. One of the most surprising parts of the night was actually not musical.  Taylor’s stage banter, virtually non-existent in 2007, was priceless.  His brilliant sense of humor and interaction with the audience just put a big red bow on the musical gift we were given.”

“Taylor has really come into his own as a performer.  He has a signature style that completely captivates the audience.  Seeing him in Maine again

Photo by Tricia Chase at Jonathan's

was absolutely a dream come true.  The last time he was in Maine, the show was full of electricity & Taylor didn’t disappoint this time either.  New England loves Taylor & I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.”

“Had a great time…was very surprised when we walked into the room because I thought we would have to stand but the room was set with tables and we were seated third row smack dab in the middle…serendipity.  I took my niece who is a newbie and she loved the show.  It just so happened that Javier (Colon) is from my home town of Stratford, CT…it was nice to get a picture with this very talented singer.  I also got a picture with Rob Shuter that is hilarious.   As far as our main man Taylor Hicks…what can I say…the man was on fire.  He put on a fabulous show with a great band…so much energy in the room.  Each song built to a cresendo which was Bullet Proof…love T’s rendition…oh what a night!”

“I was at the concert in New York City with my Mom, and brother. It was a GREAT concert! I have been to many of his concerts, and this was his BEST! I have never seen Taylor so happy, so chatty, so animated, and he was dancing a lot.

I really think (personally) that his Grease performance has really helped him come out of his shell. He isn’t as shy as he used to be. He even talked about Grease. He said that he loved being back on stage, and talked about his part, “A 5 minute song while everyone was sweating their butts off, and he was chilling in his bathrobe & slippers”.

I also had a special treat: I was given Taylor’s harmonica. I was celebrating my recent birthday. I’m still in shock. He even signed it. What a sweetheart!! Still on cloud nine.”

“Taylor had his long-time fans in the palm of his hand and he seemed to impress the newer fans at this intimate Maine venue.  He was in fine voice…strong and soulful!”

Photo by Tricia Chase at Jonathan's

“My Maine experience was what you would call, up close and personal.  I came to learn the full meaning of “intimate venue” while sitting in the seat against the stage directly in front of Taylor’s mic stand.  We all know how Mr. Hicks tends to sweat.  Well, I was the recipient of a good deal of that sweat. Not that I’m really complaining. 🙂  All kidding aside, it was a privilege to be able to experience Taylor in a small venue like Jonathan’s. I was mesmerized by every part of his performance as I watched, not just listened, to him sing, watched the way his hands moved across the guitar, watched the way he held the harp and the way the muscles in his arms and neck flexed as he played.  And the intensity.  Always the intensity.”

“Upon reflection, I think Taylor was nervous Sunday at the opening show of his summer tour. I got the impression during the first song that he was trying to remember to smile. But, he most definitely relaxed as the show went on. In between songs, Taylor interacted with the crowd and told very funny stories. His banter was the best I’ve ever seen, which only made the show more fun.”

“Taylor and band were ROCKIN the Highline ballroom. Javier opening for Taylor was a sweet little treat as his voice is phenomenal. I was totally blown away by Taylor’s performance and how the band sounded. These guys really know how to jam!!!  Bulletproof was the hit of the night!”


Photo by John Felleca at Highline Ballroom

“Javier was the right choice for the opener.  His set was mellow and melancholy; Taylor’s set was full of energy.  Taylor Hicks looked like a rock star!  I’ve been to two of his concerts now.  I must be Soul Patrol.”

“Had the Highline roof not been nailed down, Taylor & his buds would’ve blown it right off!!!!”

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  1. Loved all the comments. Love Taylor Hicks! How can anyone not???

    July 30, 2010
  2. Mac #

    Awesome! Thank you for including me in this. 🙂

    July 30, 2010
  3. Thank you to all who shared their comments and photographs! Appreciate it very much.

    July 30, 2010
  4. NolaMar #

    Great post! Thanks to everyone for sharing their impressions and pictures.

    July 30, 2010
  5. caroleinfl #

    Thanks for the recaps. I wish I could have been to one of these shows. I hope to get to one of his shows this summer.
    Loved the pictures.

    July 30, 2010
  6. Ange Bleu #

    I hope to catch at least one of his shows this summer. He is the greatest.

    July 30, 2010
  7. tishtx #

    What a pleasure to hear all the satisfied comments from people that attended Taylor’s concerts so far. The pictures are fabulous!

    August 2, 2010

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