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On Leyla McCalla, Musical Art and the Venn Diagram

by Holley Dey               ©2014 On Tap Blog  all rights reserved

Have been thinking about the relationship between art and mathematics recently; on Saturday night it all came together.  I think that there are likely as many definitions of “art” as there are artists, as many definitions of “artist” as there are critics.  Most will agree that artistic expression is powerful and powered – powered by creativity and originality.  Not all artists are musicians; not all musicians are artists.  Most musicians and many artists are accomplished entertainers, but not all.  It’s when music is given artistic expression by a talented live performer that the audience finds the sweet spot.  I lived happily in that spot on Saturday evening when Leyla McCalla took the stage at New Haven’s Cafe Nine, featuring several selections from her debut solo album Vari-Colored Songs. Read more

Musician Leyla McCalla Sets February Release for Langston Hughes Tribute

by Holley Dey                     ©2013 OnTapBlog All rights reserved


Mesi Bondye

Thank you God, look how misery has ended for us.
Thank you God, look what nature has brought for us.
Rain has fallen, corn has grown.
All the hungry children are going to eat.
Lets do the ibo dance, lets do the petwo dance.
Father God in heaven the misery has ended for us.
The misery has ended for us.
The misery has ended for us.* Read more

Taylor Hicks at Harrah’s New Orleans:: It’s All Gumbo To Me

By Louise Uznanski for OnTapBlog

©2013 OnTapBlog All Rights Reserved


We had two simple goals heading to New Orleans last week. One was to find the best music the Big Easy had to offer. The other was to find and eat the best gumbo the Big Easy had to offer. Putting on our musical chef hats we found that the basic principles of good gumbo can be applied to the basic principles of great music. Read more

Taylor Hicks: Singin’ Those New Orleans Blues

Photography by Louise Uznanski; Video by Margaret Reilly         ©2013 OnTapBlog All rights reserved

nawlins taylor 1-

After Friday night’s show at Harrah’s, some of the audience found their way to the gambling floor, others looked to the restaurants and nightlife of Bourbon Street to round out the night. Headliner Taylor Hicks found another stage, joining Anders Osborne to “Rock My Nola Soul” at the latter’s 2nd Annual Holiday Spectacular at Tipitina’s. “Who dat?” he called to the crowd, and they responded in kind, “Who dat?!” during a loose, joyful rendition of “Willie Brown Blues” (see video below). Read more

Blue Sky Riders: Rockin’ the Stage and the Social Network

by Holley Dey,  photography by Louise Uznanski    ©2013 OnTapBlog, all rights reserved

Georgia Middleman, Kenny Loggins, Gary Burr

Georgia Middleman, Kenny Loggins, Gary Burr

The discussion didn’t last long.  I insisted earnestly that permission had been given; the usher ultimately relented.  Photography was allowed for the band’s first few songs, then the cap covered the lens.  It was only after Kenny Loggins addressed the crowd that the camera came out to stay. “I don’t know what they told you here,” said Kenny to the audience, “but we want you to take pictures.” “Take lots of pictures,” he encouraged.   “Do you tweet?  Tweet one now!”  Hundreds of us did; held our cell phones in the air to share a digital, rock star memory of the Blue Sky Riders with our network of family and friends. Read more

SPAH 50th Anniversary Convention Celebrates the Harmonica and the Players

by Holley Dey;   Photographs of the 50th anniversary SPAH convention courtesy of and copyright 2013 by Keith Mitchell;   Video courtesy of Hohner USA

The 50th Anniversary SPAH convention (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) is now complete.  For five consecutive August days there was music in the airport, on the stage, in the hotel lobby, down the halls and behind every door.  Ben from England claims to have located the only place you couldn’t hear a harmonica – in the pool and under water! Read more

Producers of Acclaimed Club 47 Folk Music Film Turn to Fans for Support


by Holley Dey

Do you remember your freshman year roommate?  Mine had clear blue eyes and a serious expression that easily gave way to a mischievous grin.  We studied the three B’s together: boys, books and booze, not necessarily in that order, and shared the secret understanding that comes from caffeine driven nights and front row seats in Biology 101.  Ours was a friendship that came by chance, yet came to stay. Read more

Tedeschi Trucks Band Previews New Album “Made Up Mind”

By Holley Dey; Photography by Louise Uznanski and Richard Uznanski

©2013 OnTapBlog All Rights Reserved

Tedeschi_Trucks_Band-Appel_Farm-B-33 Read more

Robert Randolph and the Family Band Preview New Album “Lickety Split”

by Holley Dey, Louise Uznanski, Richard Uznanski      @2013 OnTapBlog all rights reserved

RRHelmSaadiq 11 Read more

Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival:: Music and The Spirit of New Jersey

Recap and photos by Richard Uznanski and Louise Uznanski for Ontapblog.

A partial John Gorka rendition of his song about being a ‘New Jerseyan.’ Read more


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