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Taylor Hicks at Harrah’s New Orleans:: It’s All Gumbo To Me

By Louise Uznanski for OnTapBlog

©2013 OnTapBlog All Rights Reserved


We had two simple goals heading to New Orleans last week. One was to find the best music the Big Easy had to offer. The other was to find and eat the best gumbo the Big Easy had to offer. Putting on our musical chef hats we found that the basic principles of good gumbo can be applied to the basic principles of great music. Read more

Photo Focus:: Taylor Hicks, Brian Less and Cody Farris DO AC

By Louise Uznanski for Ontapblog

Taylor and the band walk onto the late night, mid-summer’s stage at the Blue Martini with energy and joy. Describing how he came to enter the American Idol contest and what it was like performing for Caesars in its properties around the country, Taylor seemed happy to be at the Jersey shore for a mini residency that lasted for ten shows over two weekends. Thanks to Bally’s and Caesars for bringing Taylor back to Atlantic city in such great style. Read more

Taylor Hicks in Atlantic City: Review & Preview with Photos & Video

by Louise Uznanski and Holley Dey @2013 OnTapBlog all rights reserved

“Don’t think that somebody doesn’t read their tweets,” he said, “because they do!” @taylorhicks then motioned to the audience and a young woman with a cowboy hat squealed with excitement as she was beckoned to the stage. Kristen Campbell describes country soul as her genre of choice and counts American Idol winner Taylor Hicks among her musical influences. The singer-songwriter’s pre-show tweets were enthusiastic and to the point. “To sing harmony vocals on “Seven Mile Breakdown”, she pleaded, “would be a dream come true.” Her spirited performance and bright, genuine smile added sweet spice to the rockin’ finale, and @kaoskrissy was a hit with the Beach Bar crowd. Read more

Photo Focus:: Taylor Hicks at Bally’s AC: The Blues’man’ Cometh to the Blue Martini

Part 2 of a 2 part preview of the Taylor Hicks Bally’s Atlantic City performances by Louise Uznanski for Ontapblog.

©2013 Ontapblog All Rights Reserved.

The entrance to the Blue Martini sits right on the casino floor on the 3rd level of Bally’s.

Blue Martini Entrance Read more

Photo Focus:: Bikinis, Beaches & Blue Martinis: Taylor Hicks Comes to Bally’s AC

Part 1 of a 2 Part Preview of Taylor Hicks at Bally’s, Atlantic City, by @LouiseUznanski for Ontapblog.

©2013 Ontapblog All Rights Reserved

AT LAST! Taylor Hicks returns to Atlantic City!  Not since he headlined The Borgata and the House of Blues in his 2007 solo tour has the city by the sea with the country’s best boardwalk seen the soulful blues musician on a stage. Performing at Bally’s Casino, Hicks takes a brief hiatus from his headlining star turn at Bally’s Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas, where he has been in residency for a year. Read more

Taylor Hicks: The Year in Photographs:: 2012

© 2013 OnTapBlog All Rights Reserved

The year that began quietly in Nashville gained momentum in Los Angeles and then erupted on the Las Vegas world stage.  He sang for thousands at the convention center, for hundreds in the theaters and for guests in the juke joint at home.  His face was on television, on magazine covers, in the airport, on billboards, on smartphones, in twitpics and even……..even right here.

The Year in Photographs offers a wistful look back at a few of the events, large and small, some of the places, near and far, and many of the musicians that brought pleasure to fans of American Idol winner Taylor Hicks in 2012.

Photo by Robyn Beck for AFP/Getty Images Read more

Taylor Hicks Finds His Groove in Las Vegas

by Holley Dey and Louise Uznanski

And so we learn the background behind Taylor Hicks’ song selection for Elvis week on American Idol.  Seems that the judges and the contestants share conversation and an occasional smoke together during commercial breaks.  On one of those breaks, Simon Cowell advised, “You should sing ‘In the Ghetto’.”  Direction from the head judge held considerable weight, and with input from the show’s musical director, Taylor put his own spin on the King’s classic.  The performance proved to be one of Hicks’ strongest of the competition and an audience favorite. Read more

Boogie Down the Boulevard: Taylor Hicks in Las Vegas

by Louise Uznanski and Holley Dey

After a hard-driving, foot stomping performance of “Country Living”, the bandleader claimed he was feeling it……in his hamstrings.  Friday night’s show at The Indigo was a high energy romp that built in intensity throughout the evening.  His gritty vocals, searing harmonica play and heel raising dance were just contained by the venue’s small stage.  Taylor Hicks was a 5-hour energy drink, condensed and concentrated into a two hour show. Read more

Connecticut Country Living with Taylor Hicks & the Jamie McLean Band

Blog and all photos/video by Louise Uznanski, Richard Uznanski and Holley Dey.

Taylor Hicks Jamie McLean Band Read more

OnTap On Tour: Taylor Hicks & Other Musical Troubadours II

Part 2 of 2: Takin’ Off Today
by Louise Uznanski for OnTapBlog

Read more


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